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Shakespeare's Church
Holy Trinity Church Stratford-upon-Avon



The Organ of Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon – Shakespeare’s Church – is in need of restoration.


This magnificent instrument, comparable with many cathedral organs, produces a wonderful sound. However, with very many pipes, the largest up to sixteen feet tall, the smallest the size of a pencil, operated from a console with three keyboards, lots of stops and big wooden foot-pedals, it’s inevitable that repairs and refurbishments are now needed after many years of use.

We need to raise £55,000 to pay for the restoration of this organ, which plays a fundamental role in the life of the church and the wider community.


Our Appeal is introduced in four short videos.

The first short video outlines the reasons for this Appeal.


The second video quotes Shakespeare's own words in support of the appeal for funding to restore this magnificent organ.



In this third video, The Rev'd Patrick Taylor, Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, delivers an appeal for donations to finance the restoration of the organ.



In this fourth, longer video, anyone who is curious about why the organ needs a major overhaul to restore it to its former glory, can hear Douglas Keilitz, Director of Music, give a detailed explanation.

You can donate towards this by making a contribution HERE.

You will also find details of a scheme for sponsoring a pipe.


For example:

£25 will support the restoration of a 2’ pipe

£250 will support the restoration of an 8’ pipe

£500 will help to support the restoration of a 16’ pipe

Please don’t be constrained by these examples.  All sponsorship of any amount will be very welcome.


If you are a UK taxpayer you may be able to boost your donation by 25% with a Gift Aid declaration.  If so, please check the appropriate box on the donation page.

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